I live in a wonderful place.  There’s not a lot of action going on, there are plenty of trees, the sunsets are beautiful, and my home is quite quaint and quiet.  Living in Holladay is like being on holiday, for the most part.  Just like any suburban area, there is crime, there is road damage, there are run down establishments.  But the quiet street where my husband and I live has exceeded our expectations.  I never knew I loved the way the wind sounds as it travels through the trees.  I never knew how fun it was to watch chipmunks scale a fence and tightrope along the power lines.  I never knew what simple joys I’d experience sitting on the back porch, holding hands with my husband and just being present.  I live in a wonderful place.

I love doing yard work.  I grew up with gardeners so I never had the opportunity to plant a garden until we moved into this little house.  The garden is tiny, manageable, and brightens up our front yard.  I do my best to keep the plants alive, but the harsh Utah weather is trying it’s hardest to thwart my efforts.  I feel incredible success when the seed I put in the ground grows into a plant.  The hard work you put in at your job doesn’t always produce visible results, but planting a garden sure does!  I love doing yard work.

It’s the little things that bring me the most joy.  Little things like my cats.  They are little, but they make up for it with the loudness of their meows, the strength of their stench, and the love in their hearts.  These two are my first pets.  Although they’re not my husband’s first pets, and although he’ll never admit it, they are by far his favorite!  Their tiny toe beans and their sweet cuddles warm my heart.  It’s tragically cute to see their little silhouettes in the window on a Saturday morning.  The older one likes to sleep under the covers.  She will meow a meow that sounds more like a yell until you pull up the covers and let her snuggle up to you.  I don’t think I’d have it any other way.  It’s the little things that bring me the most joy.


Photo courtesy of me!


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