I’ve indulged in the chronic once or twice in my life and my favorite time was when I finally figured out oral hygiene.  I really cracked the uncrackable and put something into words that apparently nobody else was looking for.  Keeping your teeth and mouth clean is much like keeping your driveway clean, and the order of these steps matter, 4 out of 3 dentists will agree.

  1. If there is debris in the driveway, you use a shovel to get rid of the big things, like branches and leaves.  Much like a shovel scooping away leaves, flossing will pick out the large food items stuck between your teeth, as well as plaque.  This is why you floss first, then proceed.
  2. You then sweep the driveway to get the smaller items like leaf bits, dust and dirt.  Sweeping your mouth of the small bits of food is done by brushing.  Dentists recommend not only brushing your teeth, but also passing the toothbrush on your gums and tongue, as if you are sweeping the entire driveway, not just where you park your car.
  3. Lastly if you’re looking for a really clean driveway, you’ll either spray it with a hose or power wash.  This rids the driveway of any remaining debris and can even remove things like mold.  Mouthwash is the power washing of the oral hygiene world. This last step ensures that any tiny bits of food and plaque are eradicated.  Rinsing with mouthwash cleanses the mouth and removes bacteria that causes gingivitis and halitosis.

So there you have it…

big. medium. small.

shovel. sweep. spray.

floss. brush. rinse.

My hazy mind says, “Your welcome.”

My current mind says, “What a breakthrough!”


Photo courtesy of the Finance page.

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