Coffee is a beautiful thing.  I never liked it growing up but as I age, I’ve come to love the hot bean juice that is coffee.  I love lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, espresso, iced coffee, frappuccinos, etc etc etc.  Today I opted for half vanilla iced coffee, half cashew milk.  Albeit bland, it was great.  I got the caffeine I needed as well as the hint of vanilla I love in the morning.

Coffee makes parents better parents.  Coffee makes bosses better bosses.  Coffee makes teachers better teachers.  I just love it.  Speaking of bosses.  My department recently got a new Director.  She is great.  I don’t think I would run out of nice things to say about her and I like to share them with her every chance I get.  I want her to know she has the support of her team and that we are all rooting for her to succeed.  Her success is our success and vice versa.  She also loves coffee and coffee makes her a better boss!

I’m reading a book entitled “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott.  The author encourages open lines of communication both laterally and horizontally throughout a business structure.  The idea of radical candor is being able to offer honest, and sometimes blunt, feedback to a team member you care about.  According to Kim, caring about your team personally is just as important as providing direct, honest and candid feedback.  This is the approach my new boss is taking and I have a feeling it will provide great growing opportunities in the future.

Have you ever had a boss who can critique your work all day long but you know they don’t give a shit about you?  I have.  Have you ever had a boss care about you so much they didn’t want to hurt your feelings so they didn’t provide any constructive criticism on your work? I have.  Have you ever had a boss that never gave feedback and you felt they couldn’t care less about your progress?  I have.  The idea of Radical Candor combines caring about team members on a personal level with challenging your team members directly.  This is a radical idea because it’s just not happening as much as it should, the honest, candid feedback she’s suggesting isn’t “polite” but it is right!

My radical candid feedback to myself today is, I know you didn’t sleep as well as you could have last night; you could be producing better quality of work if you had a few more cups of coffee in you today.  Now I’m off.. to get more coffee and to work harder because I know I care about myself enough to be honest with myself.  Toodles.


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